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Repair Services by OkiDoki Media Delft - ICT Company


Repair Don't Discard!Limit your e-waste!


We know the pain of smashing your phone or spilling water on your laptop, especially beyond the legal guarantee.

Today we proposed the ‘right to repair’ initiative, which will make it easier and cheaper for consumers to repair defective goods.

Discarded products are often viable goods that can be repaired but are often tossed prematurely, resulting in:

🗑️ 35 million tons of waste,
🔨 30 million tons of resources,
🏭 261 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions,
💶 €12 billion per year loss for consumers in the EU every year.


Repair Services


By repairing more goods and using them longer, EU consumers can not only enjoy sustainable consumption, but will also achieve considerable savings (eu)!

Learn more about the proposal → europa.eu/!KKwHFh


We consider ICT-Maintenance as the set of all actions which have as an objective to retain an item (or the whole ICT system) in, or restore to, a state in which it can perform the required function.

The actions include the combination of all technical and related administrative, managerial, and supervisory actions such as tests, measurements, replacements, adjustments and repairs (OkiDoki Media Delft - ICT Company).



















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